CannaPast: The History of Marijuana in America







There are many individuals that looks at the idea of legalizing marijuana as dangerous, irresponsible and demeaning to society by allowing a substance to become legal. However, there are many facts and hidden truths that many are not aware of that is the leading cause of the “Anti Cannabis society” that is influential in why marijuana has yet to reach full legalization in the country. The ignorance of the history as well as the propaganda behind the prohibition of marijuana has created a programmed country that once was okay with being referred to as “the high society.”

Marijuana first made its way into the country when the Pilgrims landed in the country. The first marijuana law was created in 1619 in Jameston Colony, Virginia and ordered Farmers to grow the hemp. The Hemp plant was one of the cash crops that the American colonies made a priority to plantation Owners and was a heavily traded crop. The hemp plant was so lucrative that it is known that both American Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were Cultivators of hemp! Hemp was a crop that was grown freely in America until it was banned nationally in 1937 under the Marijuana Tax Act which was led by the Marijuana Assassin himself Harry Anslinger of the Bureau of Narcotics. The Prohibition of Marijuana came after the American government lifted the ban on alcohol in the country.

When the United States instituted the Prohibition of Alcohol in 1920 this led Americans to seek another way to conjure the spirits, thus marijuana was introduced to the nation. Marijuana and Teapads came to life! We all know that teapads were the place where the elite would go to hear some good jazz and smoke some good reefer making marijuana a favorite in America’s elite society. When Alcohol Enthusiasts and Pharmaceutical companies realized the threat marijuana placed on their industries OPERATION BAN MARIJUANA was set in place and led to America turning their backs on the good reefer.

Since it’s inception in 1937, the marijuana ban has led to many false theories such as marijuana killing brain cells as well as the brain washing of the message in the cult classic film Reefer Madness. These programming entities have led the country to view marijuana as a horrible and deadly substance that we all should fear, however there are things about marijuana that has been misunderstood which is currently being revealed. This information is leading to the GREEN REVOLUTION in America and is helping America to embrace one of it’s original cash crops.

The future of a more green United States is becoming more and more realistic as both the 420MMJ communities unite! The time is now to educate the world on the goodness of marijuana beyond the ability to smoke it. We are progressing as we promote holistic living and the true benefits of the hemp plant and all of its lady parts.

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